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What is MyAI Lecturer?

Interactive Engagement

With great pleasure, we introduce our revolutionary AI-driven online learning platform, an innovative solution with the potential to transform the field of education. By focusing on advanced technology and a personalized teaching approach, our platform offers a range of functionalities that empower educators and students to achieve exceptional results.
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It's more than just a platform

AI-Driven Automated Lesson Preparation

Our platform simplifies lesson preparation for educators by allowing easy uploading of PPTX presentations and automatically generating text notes and defining questions. We also allows instructors to fine-tune lessons before publishing, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Interactive Lesson Delivery

Our platform enhances online education by delivering lessons through an AI-driven clone of the instructor, utilizing image replication, lip synchronization, and advanced text-to-speech technology.

Interactive Teaching Approach

Our platform allows students to interact with created AI instructor clone, allowing them to log in and engage in an engaging learning journey. The AI clone encourages active participation and allows students to pause lessons for clarification.

Personalized Homework Generation

The platform uses artificial intelligence to customize learning experiences for each student, assessing their understanding and creating personalized homework assignments based on conversation history between students and the same AI clone.

Efficient Homework Evaluation

Our system uses artificial intelligence to evaluate students' homework answers, eliminating the need for manual grading and allowing educators to focus on quality student interaction.

Comprehensive Data Analytics

The platform offers comprehensive data analytics for each student, enabling educators to improve teaching strategies and tailor their approach to each student's unique needs.

How to automate your class!

You can start your lesson with only five steps!



Create your avatar

You can choose an avatar provided or create custom avatar by uploading your profile photo.


Upload your lesson

Upload your lesson presentation (save your PPTX presentation slides) in PDF format.


Generate lesson notes

Press Generate button and System will generate lesson notes for each slide.


Review lesson

Correct lesson notes, add additional questions and design lesson delivery approaches.


Publish lesson

Press Publish button. When processing is finished you will receive an email.